Perry Moffitt

February 11, 2012

Wild and Crazy Glider Recovering

I saw a picture on pinterest of a wing back chair that had been reupholstered with 6 different crazy bright and colorful fabrics and I knew instantly that my hand-me-down glider would benefit greatly from some similar treatment. This glider has seen many, many babies rocked to sleep and the yellow cotton had grayed to dingy and sad.

I chose the 2 darkest fabrics for the seat, which seems to get most of the dirt and stains. I used mostly quilting cottons, which I will regret later I am sure, but sometimes inspiration cannot wait for a trip to the fabric store.

My husband likes bees quite a lot, so I started with the bee fabric and went from there. My husband calls the final result “lively”, but I think the bees won him over.

I have always loved over-the-top pattern combos like this, but was never brave enough to do it before now. I was always worried what people would think, but now I think I have finally decided I don’t care what people think, I would much rather be happy with this super fantastic chair!

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