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February 21, 2014

Dance Bags

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I have made a slew of these for my good friend who is now in her 3rd season of running a dance school. Around 60 maybe? I have lost count. IMG_0719

I did them this time. And this other time. I really liked the dragonfly ones here. And holy crap, I have some more here. And I know I missed taking a picture with at least 2 sets. Anyway. 12 more delivered this week to dance class.



I ordered some horse fabric for a special request that I will sew this weekend. I gotta say, I never thought to make a horse bag for the performing arts school. But it made my self imposed rules a little more flexible. I did a London bag you can see up there and Russian nesting dolls and a mermaid one for my daughter. I don’t know why I was choosing the less “themed” fabric before, maybe I wanted to be loyal to the “arts” theme. Eh, well, I got over it… and thank goodness, these are my favorite ones so far.


October 11, 2012

Custom Drawstring Backpacks

One of the loveliest people I know has started her own dance school. Every Wednesday morning we make the trek for my daughter to dance in her dance class with three other 2 year-olds. While Ms Stacey is in there herding cats I have been scheming fun ways to show her how excited I am about her new business. I have 15 of these bags in the works, only these 7 have gotten finished so far.


I designed 25 logos on one yard of fabric in Photoshop. I uploaded it to my new favorite website,  Spoonflower and in less than a week it arrived in the mail!  (no paid endorsement here, but if they felt like giving me a few free yards I wouldn’t argue)

Now to figure out how to price them… how much would you pay for a one-of-a-kind dance bag?

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