Perry Moffitt

January 4, 2011

Outside the Box Quilt, Purple and Orange!

I used the Outside the Box pattern from this book; The Modern Quilt Workshop. I had marked a similar quilt as a flickr favorite a long time ago and spent a while tracking down the pattern. In the end I just re-did the math myself to accommodate some very precious scraps I was trying to keep in the quilt.

The bride and groom had requested orange and purple.     um.       well.         how to say this gently? They would not have been my first choice? It turned out alright? I don’t totally love it? I like the pattern and the fabrics but the end result, eh.  And before you ask, I am 101% sure the bride and groom don’t read my blog.

I finished it in the wee hours of the morning the day before the wedding.  And gave up sewing earlier than I should have. I didn’t quilt the big purple squares and because I was using cotton batting, the batting disintegrated.  Big clumpy batting balls inside those purple squares. Yup. So, there is some fixing to be done. I gave it to the couple for the wedding, but I will take it back to repair at the end of the month.

and that there is Petunia. Who is very excited about snow. And wanted more than anything to sit right in the middle of this photo shoot. Luckily she is very obedient.

There was some creative design on the backing because I refused to go back to the fabric store again. But it is simple and different and I rather like it.

For the first time in a long time I remembered to put on my tag. I ordered them ages ago (from here)  and only remember half the time so they are bound to last a while longer.


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