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April 16, 2008

one really, really big duvet cover

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I blissfully started cutting for the requested size for this duvet cover and didn’t realize how really huge it is. 100 inches by 100 inches was my aim, I ended up damn close, 98 inches by 96 inches. Liz, all I can say is, your house must be bigger than mine because the only way I could take a picture was to hang it on the wall.

I am pretty happy with the pattern. Hopefully the colors work in the the far away bedroom it will be arriving at soon. Goodbye birdies, have fun in Albuquerque!

February 20, 2008

Duvet Cover Quilt

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The internet has made our lives so easy.

In between junior and senior year of High School I became friends with a lovely Kent, Washington girl while doing a summer theater program in Chicago. I was at that time a North Carolinian. We were pen pals and when I visited Seattle years later we hung out. The internet has kept us in touch over the years. She moved south to Albuquerque and I moved north to Philly and through the world of blogs she asked me to make a duvet cover with the Joel Dewberry pink aviary fabric

here is the jumping off point…

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