Perry Moffitt

October 2, 2007

Good fences make good neighbors

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I gently cajoled Paul into finishing our picket fence on Friday afternoon. Even though he had other plans. Those other plans? Packing to go camping with his best buddy and Petunia. “I thought you were leaving late on Saturday” I say. He responds; ” Yeah, not until one o’clock”

Humph- late indeed. Anyway, I got my fence and he went camping where he claimed he slept comfortably with 2 men and a dog in a tent. I say claimed because I find it hard to imagine sleeping well in a tent, the reason I refused to go… so I made a few brokeback mountain jokes and spent a lovely day reading and puttering.

We made the fence from a stack of cedar planks that were in the corner of the yard when we bought the house. The silver grey one was on top of the stack. I think I am going to paint the fence the dark brown trim color.

And the good neighbors part is the bag of home grown apples from my neighbor Fred who is 92 (no exaggeration). Fred recommended I make applesauce, which I did. I have never been a fan of applesauce but I was hoping homemade would taste drastically different. It doesn’t… Anyone want some applesauce?

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