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July 27, 2011

A dress for later

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Well I lied. I said I was gonna try sewing this dress without a pattern but I realized I had a pattern very similar!

I tried my hand at the Japanese pattern book I picked up ages ago … I wish I knew the name…

that is the cover, this is the dress I made

I made the smallest pattern, 100, which I later looked up and learned it equates to 3T.  It was my first time in ages sewing with knits. This is saying a lot! I have been sewing since I was 12 and many failures in the early days had me too scared to ever try knits again. But I watched this video on YouTube  and holy crap, it worked! I wasn’t brave enough to do all the pieced shapes from the dress I mentioned a few weeks ago, but I think it is pretty fantastic.

Full disclosure; I wish I could say that the contrasting fabric at the bottom was artistry and creativity, but truthfully it was accommodate the lack of fabric I discovered a little too late.I won’t be adding horizontal seams in knits again, it puckers a little too much for my liking.

And in this picture you can see the pockets. Currently below the knee (HA HA HA HA!) It will fit sometime around 2014…. But I love the pattern so much she will have a whole collection of these dresses by then!

I knew it would be way too big for her while I was cutting it, but it seems silly to take pictures of a dress on a hanger when there is such a cutie model who works for cookies!

I got all 3 knits from Cloth and Bobbin.

October 28, 2010

Japanese Patterns, late to the party

I know I am late to this party. Everyone in blog land has been singing about Japanese patterns for eons and showing how very lovely the pattern books are and I largely ignored it. But recently I have discovered that there is a sad lacking in our American patterns for darling baby girls.  I have been looking for a toddler swing coat pattern for ages. Yes, Yes, etsy. I know I should be getting patterns from the fine young entrepreneurs on etsy, but see, the printable pdf? really? I don’t have it in my heart to futz with my printer options to make sure it is sized right. And I just kind of love the tissue paper. Anyway- I got sent to NYC on business yesterday and snuck in the Kinokuniya Japanese bookstore that was between the train station and the work-related destination, and talk about fabulous.

After 30 minutes of browsing, this is the book I bought. Honestly I loathe bubble dresses, they remind me of puffy drapes, but I bought this book anyway. You notice I have not mentioned the title- yup a little language barrier problem there.  I was so pleasantly surprised to find several lovely patterns that I have been seeking for ages all in one volume!

don’t let those few English words lead you astray, there is no other English to be had in the book. And the measurements are all in centimeters. goodness help me!

doesn’t this look just like the french one I love but couldn’t bring myself to splurge on? Oh wait, I thought I blogged about that, but I didn’t. But still, not an American pattern anywhere close to these (prove me wrong, I dare you).

These totally can be adapted to look like the french one I love (and blogged about) .

And my very helpful friend pointed out how good it was that these all seem to be sized for ages 4 and up because it might take me a while to get around to sewing again… very helpful, that friend.

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