Perry Moffitt

March 12, 2015

Purple and Teal Lap Quilt


Chevrons. I am not thrilled with the flowers and how they look a little sloppy matching up but I love the colors. A nice variety of prints from Joel Dewberry with all the right tones.


The backing fabric is from another designer and is a little darker in color. I love how it shows off that purple stripe.


I keep thinking this will be a present for someone but somehow haven’t been able to let it leave my house.


April 16, 2008

one really, really big duvet cover

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I blissfully started cutting for the requested size for this duvet cover and didn’t realize how really huge it is. 100 inches by 100 inches was my aim, I ended up damn close, 98 inches by 96 inches. Liz, all I can say is, your house must be bigger than mine because the only way I could take a picture was to hang it on the wall.

I am pretty happy with the pattern. Hopefully the colors work in the the far away bedroom it will be arriving at soon. Goodbye birdies, have fun in Albuquerque!

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