Perry Moffitt

March 6, 2008

Petunia’s first day at day camp

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this is our baby. She is two and a half years old. Which I guess is a good time to start our baby in day care. She used to go to work with Paul at Swarthmore everyday. I have been told many times that Border Collie’s need activities or they get bored and start doing bad things. She has never spent a whole week at home by herself while I am at work. And now Paul is on a different continent, so doggie day camp is my solution to keep my working dog in good spirits. One or two days a week is the plan, but how can I tell if she really likes it? She got a report card when I picked her up. It said useful things like; “didn’t nap but rested comfortably” “needed coaxing to go to the bathroom” “friendly with other dogs”. The part that really got me was the hand written note from her teacher the Petsmart employee; “Petunia liked watching the other dogs play, but didn’t play herself”

Am I a failure as a parent? Pet owner? She is a laid back dog but she usually plays. Did she think I had left her with those other dogs forever? Oh- the dilemma! I guess I will have to take her a few more times but I would hate to think I am traumatizing her by putting her in a room with a dozen other strange dogs. A dog nanny, that is what I really need.

Did I mention that she can jump from the ground on top of the 4 foot tall wood pile and then straight into the neighbors backyard? I saw it for myself this morning. Like a freaking billy goat! Here I was patching the old chicken wire fence in the freezing cold and Petunia is thinking “silly lady, I can jump over the top!”

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