Perry Moffitt

May 18, 2011

Dot Tree Quilt

I can finally post about this! Philly Modern Quilt Guild participated in the Robert Kaufman Kona Solids challenge. Our guild chose to use the charm pack in addition to prints, no other solids allowed. Initially I was stumped at how to start. All the colors of the rainbow was pretty overwhelming! I started laying out 2 separate baby quilts from my charm pack. One purple-blue-green and one pink-orange-red. My husband took one look and said, “why don’t you make a quilt to match the mural in the baby’s room?” Remember this mural? And I took his advice…

Poor baby will never get to sleep with all these polka dots!

My favorite part is the tree trunk. I think the rainbow thread and the free motion quilting really worked out nicely.

It is a skinny twin size quilt, only 48″ wide, but it is going on a day bed, so it works out very nicely.

I pieced out two other backings for this quilt, one of them I even sewed before rejecting. But in the end I am so, so pleased with how well the lions match. I even managed to get my label on in time for the meeting!

September 22, 2010

stage fright, or why I eloped

So, baby is almost 6 months old which made me feel okay about wandering out to my first quilt guild meeting (ever) last night. The official name? Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild. I am not usually a “joiner” of things. Driving there I wondered why that was. Then it was show and tell time.  I was instantly reminded of my stage fright. The tunnel vision, the rambling, the general discomfort of standing in front of more than 3 people and talking. (I eloped for just this reason.) I rambled on and on, asked questions without waiting for answers and literally flashed the front and back of 2 quilts before I ran to my seat. It. Was. Embarrassing. I even had a nightmare about it last night. I mean really, why was I so scared of talking to a bunch of really nice quilting ladies.  But I did it. And the ladies all seem very nice and I fear that I will never find the time to do the little monthly projects but, having goals is nice, so there you go.

Since I can hardly get the laundry done these days I showed a quilt I made for hubby for Valentines day of *ahm* 2009. Which I have never shown blog land because, well…  it is very far from being done.  Pebbling is harder than I thought. And I am kind of stumped on the binding. And well, I don’t know- once I missed the deadline I lost steam.

The applique boats were drawn by my husband to the very specific shapes. One is his, one is is brother’s, one is his dad’s. They build boats, I make quilts about their boats.

Pebbling? Hard for anyone else? break lots of needles like me? I love the result, but it makes me want to tear my hair out. And don’t you think I should add some fluffy clouds to the top on the front? hummmm….

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