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February 6, 2014

Pink and Brown Baby Quilt

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A girl we went to college with just had a baby girl and she was looking for someone to make a memory quilt. These 2 fabrics were something her sister had and she wanted to incorporate them into some kind of blankie for her daughter. I didn’t have much fabric that to matched so I steered toward super pink, but her mom is good with super pink. The corduroy looks more brown in real life, so I went brown to mix with these.


First the security blankets, the original fabrics, plus satin and a pop of bright pink. I think this is all she was truly asking for but….


I am a sucker for little girls so I went a little farther and did a quilt. Okay, I guess that is a LOT farther…


And this is where I fall short in documenting the quilt. Husband set the camera to some ridiculous low pixel setting without my knowing and these are the actual size that pictures are coming out now. My 3 year old phone takes better pictures! But I didn’t know this sadness before I sent the quilt away, so lets just pretend it is 1998 and these digital pictures are awesome. Big pinwheels! Birds and Butterflies! Appliqued satin heart! Pretend like you can see all that…


And the back. Kind of lackluster but has the remainder of the memory fabric and a border of a vintage sheet. If only it were bigger than a postage stamp!


July 15, 2009

Green- pink- brown for baby

In theory this quilt is for a baby that is due in September. However if it gets sold at the Farmers Market next Saturday I will have to make another one for that September baby. Mom requested green with a touch of pink and brown. Which is not exactly what this became. But who can really blame me? The Heather Ross VW van fabric found it’s way in and I couldn’t convince it to come back out.

IMG_1844 And pink minkee? Well…  it was in the off-cut bin with a good markdown, and I love a good markdown.

IMG_1847 This is called a “card trick” square. They have always been very difficult for me. I have tried a couple different ways to make all the little points line up and quite honestly- this is the best I have ever done, and it is far from perfect. I seem to loose the outside points every time. I always revisit it after I give up in frustration but I have never been able to make them well.


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