Perry Moffitt

March 6, 2010

Diaper Bag

Only 14 days until my due date, although the doctor is pretty convinced I will be going very late… In other news

I had a burst of energy last night and dusted off the sewing machine. Poor sewing machine hasn’t seen much action in the last two months but I found myself panicked that there was nothing suitable in my life for a diaper bag. I had been saving the fabric for a baby dress, but decided my husband *might* use the diaper bag if it wasn’t pink. We will see on that one, it is still pretty girly if I say so myself.

I printed out the pattern from Oh, Fransson for her Margaret Bag more than a year ago and when I found it everything just fell into place. I added the accent stripe to show off those 2 other lovely fabrics . I should have made the stripe a little thicker maybe? In my head the stripe would have popped a little more. But I like the detail it added.

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