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July 2, 2010

Baby Paintbox Quilt

I started this while in the last days of pregnancy. Baby turned 3 months old this past Tuesday.  So, this is what 20 minutes of sewing a day will get you;

I was stumped on what the binding should be for a while but ran across this lovely polka dot satin at the Joann’s and made half a yard into just the right amount of binding.

I added a stripe on the back in the dead center. The minkee came up just a smidge short and this is how I made up the 3 inches I needed to match the front.

In full disclosure I should tell you I did not use any batting in this quilt. Strange, right? Well, it was very intentional. I noticed that we had not been using the baby quilts I had for miss d. but instead using the store bought minkee blankets, and I realized the reason was the quilts I had made, even with thin cotton batting, were just too bulky to use. So, this is just fabric and minkee and it feels like just the right weight, better for traveling from room to room and snuggling with at naptime.


July 15, 2009

Green- pink- brown for baby

In theory this quilt is for a baby that is due in September. However if it gets sold at the Farmers Market next Saturday I will have to make another one for that September baby. Mom requested green with a touch of pink and brown. Which is not exactly what this became. But who can really blame me? The Heather Ross VW van fabric found it’s way in and I couldn’t convince it to come back out.

IMG_1844 And pink minkee? Well…  it was in the off-cut bin with a good markdown, and I love a good markdown.

IMG_1847 This is called a “card trick” square. They have always been very difficult for me. I have tried a couple different ways to make all the little points line up and quite honestly- this is the best I have ever done, and it is far from perfect. I seem to loose the outside points every time. I always revisit it after I give up in frustration but I have never been able to make them well.


July 13, 2009

Doesn’t this look familiar? Blue and Brown for Baby

I enjoyed a weekend with no real plans and was able to finish up 2 quilts that have been “marinating” for a while.  This one is every single little scrap left over from the wedding quilt from 2 weeks ago. Along with some pieced together batting. It is almost a genuine scrap quilt but I did buy the blue minkee backing specially for it.


I am  regretting not using a true binding, however not enough to rip it out and start over. One more quilt for the Farmers Market!IMG_1842

May 19, 2009

Red and Pink Scrap Quilt

Before my fan-tab-o-lus vacation I spent many an hour sewing like a demon to have lots of things for the Lansdowne Arts and Crafts Fair. Which was subsequently rained out, of course. The enrollment $25 seems to have been non-refundable which is kinda lame, but the plus side is my etsy store now has lots of good stuff in it and my new retail outlet; Birthmark is also well stocked for a while.  I even managed to make a new quilt to show at the fair, which was so fast and easy it makes me want to whip a couple more out. I had been saving all these little scraps for a mega scrap quilt but the pink and red were just too appealing together…

the birds seem to be popular for baby dresses, hopefully the same holds true for quilts.

il_fullxfull.71043120I am working on a blue and brown quilt for a wedding right now, but who knows if she reads the blog so no pictures until later…

January 30, 2009

pink and red, yummy

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All I can seem to do these days is match new quilts. I can’t seem to finish the other quilts I have started and every time I open my fabric stash something new jumps out. This one is just dying to be made with the perfect red minkee for the back.img_1210

My sister-in-law unwittingly sabotaged my sewing. She gave me the book Twilight for Christmas. I didn’t pick it up until last week, and then I couldn’t put it down, and just happened to go out and get the other 3 books in the series and have spent all my spare time reading the whole series, and then watching a few of the Twilight movie clips on YouTube. I have since hooked my best friend on the books too, which somehow makes the addiction okay. Paul went to Montreal for a week, I had a girls night with a friend, weekend errands and now, 10 days later, I am finally back to making some quilts.

On my to-do list; I cut out over 300 blocks for a scrap quilt which has reduced my scrap bag to practically nothing (!!!!).  I have the white baby quilt ready for “stippling” (I just learned that word, but grateful to have it because”quilting” means so much more) . I have the pinwheel quilt top almost done, I have an old tee shirt quilt top waiting in the wings, I found an old baby quilt top that I added a minkee bunny applique to but it needs some eyes and a nose…


And there is a June wedding quilt that I should start thinking about. Geesh!

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