Perry Moffitt

October 28, 2011

Couch-Couch Pillows (version 2)

First a quick picture of my purchases from The City Quilter, in Manhattan. Walking distance from the Javits Center where I had to go for work one day last week.  If you are visiting NYC, you won’t regret stopping in. I have yet to make it down to Purl in soho so I can’t compare the two but City Quilter has greatly expanded from my visit last year, I don’t know if there was more fabric but there was a ton more shoppers. I think it is great that so many people are quilting these days. Also, I feel less guilty about my habit when the people around me are spending more on fabric that I spend on my car loan.

I usually buy with the projects I have already started in mind. But I have more than enough for the pink red quilt I am currently working on so I shopped with a whole new project in mind. The strawberries and squiggle stripes and skull-n-crossbones will make a pretty awesome toddler dress. What will I do with the lanterns? I have no idea- but I couldn’t leave them behind.

Some more couch-couch pillows. Or sofa-couch pillows. I love the novelty of them! This time in the blue green family. Previous red orange ones can be seen here.

These are smaller 14″ pillows. But I love them just as much!

We are almost done with fall, they are calling for snow this weekend. SNOW in OCTOBER. I am moving to Miami. asap.

I think this girl would love Miami. With enough sunscreen.

A sneak peek of the exterior progress on the playhouse. interior sneak peek is here.  Purple oops paint at Home Depot $7. Green oops paint at Lowe’s $3. Making my exterior paint job $10! As soon as hubby fixes the front step (give or take the snow this weekend) I will have tons of pictures to share.

May 7, 2011

couch pillows, now with real couches

Two quick pillows for a birthday girl who loves orange and red.

wait! did you see the piping? I love piping.

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