Perry Moffitt

January 25, 2012

Kaleidoscope quilt in red and pink


I thought that the gorgeous morning light would show my newly finished kaleidoscope quilt beautifully. And so did this little girl. She is turning into quite the ham, not that I mind.


This poor quilt just needed it’s binding for weeks. I dropped in on unfinished projects night at Cloth and Bobbin last night and managed to finish it up before bedtime. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I am ignoring that it doesn’t match my bedroom at all. It might just be time to repaint so this quilt looks even better.


Admittedly I got distracted by my cutie girl and didn’t get any really good pictures. There some pictures of this quilt in progress here with more detail.

**added 2/27/12** I finally got a good day to take a nice photo!


November 3, 2011

quilting in the dark

I was so excited about this quilt. So SO excited. I have been hoarding this pink and red stash for a while.

I spent a lot of concentration on lining up the point in the 8 piece square. I was pretty pleased with them…

And then I pieced the blocks and something went wrong. Very VERY wrong.

I pride myself as a quilter who can see a quilt and figure out how it is made. It works 9 out of 10 times. With crystal clear hindsight  I have done a little research and found the tutorial that might have helped me at Don’t call me Betsy . It doesn’t address the problem I created but I thought I would offer it up if any of you like this quilt and want to do it… better… *sigh*.

I still love it. It is a lot more wonky than I would like, but it reminds me that sitting on the beach and cutting triangles with scissors on my lap will not give me the best start. As nice as it is to cut fabric with my toes in the sand…

I will hopefully get this quilted soon and then I can start this pattern again as the baby clothes quilt I have in mind for a friend. So, I have another chance!

In other news;

My father-in-law is currently building a boat, which is coming along quite nicely if you ask me. He commissioned the boat design more than a year ago and had the design named after his only grand baby (my daughter), Darcy Bryn. He thinks Darcy Bryn is an excellent name for a boat, and I can’t help but agree. Follow his boat building here.

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