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December 20, 2010

Quick Pirate Lap Quilt

A quicky for a Christmas present. I have scraped the bottom of the red barrel with this one. I have very little red in my stash left, which means time for shopping! I started this last week and have been managing an hour or two every night after baby’s bedtime. Didn’t get a chance to iron the seams yet but was so thrilled to have something new to blog about I couldn’t resist posting right away. I have an Ikea velour blanket for backing so it will end up being in the neighborhood of 40″ x 48″ when we are done. Here is hoping I can get it done before the big day.

what? you are asking about the orange and purple quilt? yes yes, I put it aside for a moment. It is almost done, but well *i kind of hate it* I have done the best I can with it, but have you ever had a quilt that you hate working on? I hate working on it. It will be nice to give it away, I do hope they like it… Was that mean? No, I really do hope they like the purple and orange that they requested. Oh well, pulling my foot from my mouth…

Do you like the random little pirates? I think it made it a little punky, and the recipient is just a little punky 🙂


April 27, 2008

Quilts from the past

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I found these pictures on the computer which brought me to thinking about big quilts again after a long time focused on baby quilts. Well that and teaching a class this afternoon at Cloth and Bobbin, surrounded by quilters and gorgeous fabric.

This is the quilt for Sean’s (my brother-in-law) high school graduation. Don’t look too close at how the squares line up, I didn’t know all the tricks then. Not all men would enjoy a quilt but Sean bought me a quilting book one christmas and asked where HIS quilt was for months following.

He loves orange, but you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find enough variety in orange alone. And honestly, I hate orange so everytime I went shopping for orange, I came home with red…

The purple was for Aunt Fran’s wedding. It was a quick 3 or 4 day quilt, and I think she loved it because I got this picture a few weeks later, showing it was getting good use!

I bought a big stack of fabric today, so maybe a new quilt soon… as soon as I get the yard cleaned up from the long winter…

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