Perry Moffitt

October 2, 2012

pink and orange fish scale quilt, WIP

I got a request from a far away friend to make the orange fish scale again. Here are the pillows I made this summer. After I cut out an enormous number of orange prints, we chatted about the colors in her daughter’s room. None of which were orange (HA!) and I worked some pinks in.

Last time I used  the efla circle cutter to cut 7″ circles and then I cut them in half.  But this time I went big and bought the circle die for my new Go Baby Accuquilt fabric cutter. I got it for my birthday (after emailing the exact model I wanted to my ever-so-loving-hubby) and I am addicted. I used the 5″ circle die and then lay them in a row just inside the 2.5″ strip die and they were cut exactly in half, 30 at a time!!

It is measuring at 36″ x 40″ right now. Currently this is heat-n-bonded to a piece of muslin with no stitching yet. I plan on top stitching the whole thing.

I am making excuses to keep this hanging on my project wall. I truly love to look at it!


August 15, 2012

Fish Scale Pillows

Sometimes inspiration hits me while I drift off to sleep at night.

I have been wanting to try this scallop technique for a while.

And I knew I wanted to make a present for someone who loves orange.

But I can only thank the drowsy pre-sleep state for this fish idea. I was torn between a mermaid head or a fish head, but went for the easier one this time. This is kind of a rough draft. I will do a couple of things differently next time. Quilt them maybe? And maybe a metallic fabric or two.

I will do a little finishing on these before they go to their new home, and then maybe start another set.

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