Perry Moffitt

November 30, 2008

Hippy Dress for Baby

How fast do they grow! This baby has outgrown all the other creations I have made her in the past. So for her 2nd Birthday I whipped up this hippy creation. When the family arrived for thanksgiving and I was still working on the final stitches.

dscf1439 dscf1438

It took a little creative cajoling to get the dress on but as soon as she took a spin, she was won over. I tried to make it with enough room to grow for next summer, but as a result it fits over winter clothes so hopefully it will get lots of wear. I think I regret the 2 fabrics on the bodice, it just adds another horizontal line which it doesn’t need. But the darkest fabric on top hid a lot of the thanksgiving dessert stains!


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