Perry Moffitt

July 27, 2014

What to Sew for a Craft Show (an amateur’s guide)

I am by no means an expert, but I have a little experience doing a table at our neighborhood farmers market. I wanted some new ideas recently and couldn’t really find anyone sharing what they sell, so I thought I would share. Below are some pictures of the market yesterday. We had a little rain early on which forced me to pull everything way into the tent, but it cleared quickly and I sold about half of what I made.


I have occasionally sold quilts at the market, not this time, but they do draw people in to talk to me. I made 10 patchwork pillows and sold 7.  I used $4 pillow forms from IKEA and the covers were made almost entirely of scraps so they were definitely a profit item.


I tried some ipad stands for the first time, I found a couple of tutorials on pinterest. I sold 4 out of the 10, but a lot of people commented how clever they were, I think they might to better at a show closer to Christmas.


The biggest seller is always my dresses. Modeled here by my mini me. I have been making these dresses for about 8 years.


They are reversible with no snaps, zippers, or buttons. I write more about them here and here. I sold around 20 dresses in 4 different sizes this time, which is about average for a 4 hour market.


And the little things. I do some appliques on onesies and tee shirts if I have some good fabrics for it. I don’t really kill myself over these, but I do have a little stash of fussy cut pieces that would work and look at the clearance racks for white shirts.


Dish soap dresses. More about them here. People giggle, but then they buy them and they are a great way to use larger scraps. The key is finding a lot of lace on a good deal.

Bibs. I buy a 10 pack and sew on some fun appliques and people buy them like crazy. Maybe it is the low price item? Or because they are mostly gender neutral? Dunno. But they sell!

Tooth Fairy Pillows. This is how I grab some of the parents that have kids too big for my dresses. I ask if the tooth fairy has visited yet and the kids get excited about the tooth fairy and the parents love the idea that the tooth doesn’t get lost! I have branched out in different fabrics since I first made them and make some with piping instead of lace for boys. I sold 6 of these in a few hours yesterday.

Security Blankets. Another small item, but something that people love because they are hard to find in regular stores. I make them in matching pairs and urge people to buy 2 so they can have a backup or one at daycare.

I would love suggestions of what else to sell and hope that these ideas help you!

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