Perry Moffitt

February 3, 2011

toddler bean bag chair

It was tough choosing the perfect picture that modeled Darcy’s new beanbag chair. She will actually have 2 very similar beanbag chairs when I am done but so far this is the only one that is finished.

Delilah tried her best pose but I think in the end Darcy probably won the contract.

*** earlier post*** shows pattern pieces

January 28, 2011

bits and pieces

Hard to find time to do any sewing. There is a cutie pie on the move.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t try. So, a 9″ circle and an 18″ circle.

and four funny shapes cut from home dec weight fat quarters… Stay tuned for a toddler sized bean bag chair.

10 months old! Passed like the blink of an eye…

**update, 5 months later here is the big girl using her beanbag chair***


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