Perry Moffitt

May 22, 2013

Teal and Pink Wonky Star Quilt

I pulled out a work in progress that is more than a year old and finished it up. I originally didn’t know who it was for, and then I realized it was too precious to give away and finished it up for my own little girl.




I can’t love the colors more.


There was a specific request to have a  “cozy” satin binding. Which I think was the perfect solution.


This is our cat Emily. Joining in on the photo shoot.




June 14, 2012

teal and pink stars quilt, wip

for the first time ever I have no idea who I made a quilt for.

it might become a wedding present for an october wedding, but they aren’t really pink and blue people…

my indecision also means I have no idea how big to make it.

so it might just stay a quilt top for a while…

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