Perry Moffitt

September 9, 2013

Yellow and Grey Quilts

I started a commissioned quilt recently for a yet-to-be-born baby.


My longtime favorite Bento Box was the go-to pattern. And then I decided to piece the back. But I got carried away, so I think I actually have 2 tops here.


One for the soon-to-be baby and one to sell. But the question is, which one for the friend of a friend?


I am talking to you, Kathleen! Which one do you like better?


Could you love those little bees more? I love them! And if you were wondering where the yellow wall came from…


My soon-to-be screened-in porch is coming along nicely! Next, a roof. Which is going to be pretty darn tough and I am already planning ways to reward my hubby. I might have to arrange a fishing weekend soon, which is a pretty good trade for a screened-in porch, no?

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